Re: non appearing posts

Nivard Ovington

Yes not to receive a copy of my own posts drives me nuts too

A few years ago I had a tweak for gmail that circumvented that but after an update I gave up and simply bcc'd a copy of every post to myself, thankfully Thunderbird does that automatically

I have the "own copies" ticked

If I bcc various groups at the same time I get a copy of each one

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK) has a special feature for Gmail users: an option (default on) to replace the Message-ID when sending your own message back to you. This is the "I always want copies of my own emails" checkbox in the Preferences page of your Account.
This feature is the only reason I'm willing to use a Gmail address with I've long refused to do so with Yahoo Groups because Y!G lacks such a feature and it drives me nuts not to see my own message return.

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