Re: Photo Albums with Personal Access #photos


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 08:30 PM, Leia Chen wrote:
Personal Access is defined  with "only you and the moderators can add photos to this album."  So If I create a photo album and  later I  assign the  Owner from  me  to someone else, will that new person be the "you" in "only you  and the moderators can add to this album?"  Also, can any regular member  assign ownership to another member?
There seems to still be a bug in the photo area where the owner of the picture, even as a regular member, can change ownership.  This was reported in early February,  While checking just now, I also noticed that the original creator/owner can delete the album, but the newly assigned photo owner can't.

The new photo owner only owns that one photo and can't add more to the album, but the album creator can.

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