Calendar and Timezone Issue #calendar #timezone

John Russell

Hi All,

My groups has been using ZOOM to schedule video meetings for some weeks, so I was very excited to see that I could now schedule a ZOOM meeting and set reminders using the Calendar. But when I started to do this, I noticed that our timezone is still set to CET (UTC+1) for Austria. The clocks have gone forward and we now have CEST which is UTC+2 as our current timezone.

Does update the timezones to Summer Time or Daylight Savings Time automatically?  Do I have to do that manually now? I have not scheduled the ZOOM meeting as I do not want to confuse my members by starting a ZOOM meeting at the wrong time. Using ZOOM is already quite tricky for some of them.

I don't even see CEST as an option in the Default User Settings (Admin -> Settings -> Default Sub Settings). Is this a bug that I should report in beta?

John Russell

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