Problem with member posting #messages


I have an active member who is having difficulty with sending and receiving posts to our group of friends, for whom is our main form of continuity in communication. He has unsubscribed and re-subscribed more than once, both on his own and with the help of the two co-moderators, and also re-subscribed with a new e-mail address. We are receiving his group posts, but he is not, My co-moderator and I are at a loss to help him further and think the problem may be on his own computer. Neither of us are tech savvy enough to be of further help.

Is there a phone number, a chat room or other means by which he can get assistance quickly? (We are in the US on Eastern Time.) He is a prolific and important contributor. Please feel free to reply to this or directly off-list as my own e-mail, bsandpp@...

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