Calendar Permissions #calendar #question


I am trying to better understand how calendar permissions for modifying events work between the different levels. Looking on the help page, I do not even see the work Calendar mentioned. From what I understand, there are 4 levels of access: public, member, moderator, and owner. As far as modifying an event, there is no difference between a moderator or an owner. Public can have either view access or no access. What I'm not sure about is the different access permissions between members that can edit and moderators.

As a regular member, I have permission to edit events on this particular calendar. There are event created by moderators, but I cannot modify them in any way. Is this always the case? And also, creating events as a regular member, can other members modify my event? I would expect that moderators always can.

There is also a button that allows me to lock an event. What does that do exactly?

- Loren

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