Re: Anyone having this issue with bouncing members?

Chris Jones

On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 05:43 PM, Niman H wrote:
Their email delivery history shows many responses of
" 550 5.1.0 <> This IP has sent too many messages this hour. IB504 <>" is the IP address of's outbound mail server.

Some Mail Service Providers suddenly take it upon themselves to bounce mail for reasons nobody really knows; getting an MSP to admit to this is likely to be tricky. One blind spot is that any group owner can only see bounces for their own group; there is no means of knowing (without asking the individuals concerned) how many groups they subscribe to and how many emails they receive as a result. "Too many messages" is a somewhat unclear description of the problem; how many is too many!

Check your members' mail providers (the Bouncing list is a good place to start) to see if there is anything that might be statistically significant.


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