Re: Direct add flipping first and last names #addmembers #displayname

Bruce Bowman

On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 01:45 PM, Roland Roberts wrote:
I added several members and realized I had loaded their display names reverse. So, I removed them and readded with the names in the correct order as
First Last <email>
But...after doing that, I look in the member list and the display name has put them in as "Last First".
Roland -- Did you delete all those subscriptions before you attempted to re-add them?

If not, you should have gotten an error message to the effect that they were already subscribed.

Does the membership directory have a memory and is not flushing out the old value even though that person (and their email) was deleted; the membership list was definitely empty before I started the second attempt.
If you're viewing a subscription record and find that the Display Name is wrong, just edit it and click the Save button. There is no need to re-add them. 


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