Re: Orange & issues


Hi to all,
Thank you for your answers..
Of course, I can use another email address but this issue concerns a lot of french users of the ORange ISP (wanadoo & orange email addresses).
I have sent information to the support but I did not get any answer. Find more detail below..
I am open to send any information from to the Orange support to try to solve (or improve) this issue. 
It is clearly a bad filtering of their antispam filter.
Best regards.

Email sent to support :

This is an information from the French Orange ISP… 

I am not an expert, so find below their messages **.

I hope that can help to solve this huge issue of messages time delivery and lot of bouncing situations.

That also free a lot of resources because I read an exchange of 8000 protocol error messages to deliver 1200 emails… that could also help for the climate of our Planet !

Thank you to comment, please.

Best regards



**Technical information from Orange and translated with Bing 

The servers have a problem with too many simultaneous connections.

This number is limited to 3 per IP on all of our servers ( AND

An update to the configuration of these sending servers should allow them to get out of this situation.

For information, they raise (and therefore receive) in 4 hours more than 8,000 protocol error messages to deliver 1,200 emails. A more compliant configuration would allow them, like any other Internet player, to issue up to 50,000 hour/IP source emails on our MX.


**French original message from Orange :

Les serveurs ont un problème lié à un nombre de connexions simultanées trop important.

Ce nombre est limité à 3 par IP sur l'ensemble de nos serveurs ( ET


Une mise à jour de la configuration de ces serveurs d'envoi doit leurs permettre de sortir de cette situation.


Pour informations, ils soulèvent (et reçoivent donc) en 4h00 plus de 8.000 messages d'erreur protocolaires pour délivrer 1.200 mails. Une configuration plus conforme leur permettrait, comme à tout autre acteur d'Internet, d'émettre jusqu'à 50.000 mails heure / IP source sur nos MX.

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