How to completely replace Direct Add welcome message? #addmembers

Jim Avera

I'm migrating our group from another service and am about to Direct Add subscribers (which I exported from the other service) to our GIO group.  

But now I see the fixed direct-add welcome text and it is quite inappropriate or wrong in our case.  Is there a way to completely replace the Direct Add welcome message in it's entirety?   I did define a Direct Add Notice but it appears all I can do is insert it's content into the middle of the canned message.

The pre-defined text is inappropriate/wrong in our case because:

1. The canned message falsely says "You can...start reading messages and posting [at the website]".  This is false because our group is announce-only so subscribers may NOT post.  Saying they can will cause trouble!

2. I need to start the message by saying "hello from Jim" (me) and explaining that we are changing message systems, and that policies remain the same.  That needs to come first.  If it's buried in the middle of the big canned text it will be TL;DR for some readers.

3.  Users were not "added by the Team" (as the canned text says), they were added by me, someone they know, not an unknown agent (

4.  I do not want to mention anything about logging in or passwords, which is completely unnecessary in our case.   Our users used email exclusively in the old system and it is better to keep it that way (the few tech-savvy users will find the web interface anyway from links at the bottom of every message).

The main point is to emphasize "nothing has changed" except the posting address (and I'm going to try to auto-forward the old posting email addr to the group so even that won't change).

The text about updating safe-sender/contacts/etc. is great, and I would copy that part into my own welcome message.

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