Re: Reschedule, edit, or cancel complicated and conflicting . #calendar

Michael Pavan

On Mar 14, 2020, at 2:23 PM, Duane <> wrote:

On Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 10:48 PM, Karen Swanson wrote:
For GIO calendar, I would request that either (1) a canceled event cannot be rescheduled and must be recreated or (2) a canceled event can be rescheduled with smooth correction of the event details.
I don't believe it's normal to cancel an event, then modify it to be rescheduled. Usually it's one or the other.
Rather than 'CANCEL' an event, and generate an immediate cancelation notice that you may regret:
[GROUPTAG] Cancelled Event: EVENTNAME - DATE #cal-cancelled

Instead edit the event (especially if it might be rescheduled):
-change the "Date and Time" End time to 1 minute after the Start time (optional)
-explain in the Event "Description
-add an additional Reminder for now (if desired)

If the Event is rescheduled
-change the "Date and Time"
-explain in the Event "Description
-add an additional Reminder for now (if desired)

This will keep it all as the same Event (which it is)
AND keep any later Reminders already set up (when people may expect to receive them)
(for anyone who didn't see or remember any earlier notice(s))

BEWARE: If a repeating Events' Time is permanent shifted, and you don't want the Event's past occurrences deleted:
-change the Event's "Repeats > End" to end the Event;
-and re-set it up as a new Event going forward, due to a Calendar bug.

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