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Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 11:04 AM, Mdivine wrote:
If a member shows as an NC, does sending the send confirmation message do anything to override that?
or does it confirm them manually even if they show NC. Not sure what that does?
This is necessary for new accounts, so as to demonstrate that they own the email address that they subscribed with. will not send group emails to an address that is not confirmed. See for further information.

You can resend confirmation emails until the cows come home, but they will remain in NC status until someone on the other end responds to it. 

Do I need to wait until the NC disappears for them to get pending message?
No. The pending message goes out immediately; and it's entirely possible for you to have already approved someone but the account still remain in NC.

Please also note that the Pending Subscription notice is sent only to those who apply to join your group, not to people you invite.

not sure what they see with NC on their name
-- Unless you invited them, your Pending Subscription notice should have already been sent.
-- If you've already approved them (they're not on the Pending list), then they should have been sent the Welcome notice.
-- They won't get any regular group messages until they respond to the confirmation email.

An example of the confirmation email can be found in the files area here in GMF.

Hope this helps,

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