Re: Comparison to FB & BAND groups

Glenn Glazer

On 3/6/2020 08:38, Marv Waschke wrote:
A fundamental advantage of is Mark Fletcher's straight forward business plan. He makes his living from premium subscriptions, not selling advertising or data. For me, a service with a transparent business plan that does not monetize itself through background activities buried in its Terms of Service is a breath of fresh air.
I observe that gio seems especially well suited to discussion and information sharing among members with a modicum of mutual trust. Gio is not a good platform for groups who want or need to be anonymous to other members.

To your first point, I could not agree more. To the second, anonymity could be arranged by creating a new email account (e.g., through gmail) and subscribing to the list via that.  I have an alias that I use in a particular community and I only use that gmail address for those activities. Nobody there knows who I actually am.



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