Re: Comparison to FB & BAND groups

Glenn Glazer

On 3/5/2020 15:43, Dan Dudley wrote:
Hello, I've managed a Yahoo group site for a number of years, now we are exploring the possibility of using

My task is to explain (to our group) why this is the best choice as opposed to Facebook and the BAND group platforms. Is there anyone here that has done a study of the main advantages of compared to the two other solutions mentioned?

My proposal is this coming Saturday morning, 3/07/2020.

Dan Dudley, Roger's Rangers, Inc.

I know nothing of BAND, but I do manage several Facebook groups.

The main advantage to Facebook is the ease of inviting other Facebook members to the group and that Facebook is more visual in that in lends itself more to images, videos and weblinks. If I post a URL here, you will see just the URL. If I post it on Facebook, they will automatically unfurl a preview.

In every other way, is superior.



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