Include contents of help page in GMF wiki search

Bill Hazel

This question was germinated by the Password recovery post.

I searched the GMF wiki for the answer and found references to it in a few wikipages but nothing that directly answered the question.
( I was going to suggest the original poster check the wiki for the answer. A lot of new users don't realize the searches are separate)

I pulled what I found together and created a wikipage named Password.

Then the answer by Derek Milliner pointed to Help page which contained, word for word what I had found on the other wikipages. I had no idea that what I had found was the "official" answer which is why I broke out "I Don't Have A Password" and "I Have Forgotten My Password" into 2 different bullet points.

Since GMF seems to be the go-to place to find answers, is it possible for the GMF wiki to directly search Help? Alternatively, could the creator of Help duplicate it as a wikipage here? (I ask that the creator do it so any changes would be made to both at the same time as they know it's happening)


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