What's the diff btw 'Subscription Options' and 'Email Delivery' ?

Jim Avera

When subscribing to a group, you are presented with a "Subscription Options" radio-box with options such as Individual Messages, Digest, etc.

After clicking Save, you are taken to a similar-looking screen labeled "Email Delivery", with exactly the same choices.  But the option selected and saved on the previous screen is not effective (i.e. is different than what is shown in the second screen).

Questions: What is the difference between "Subscription Options" and "Email Delivery"?  Which one controls how posts are sent to your email inbox, and what is the other one for?


Attached are two screenshots, taken before and after I clicked "Save" for the "Subscription Options" dialog reached after first subscribing to the group (beta.groups.io in this case).

Notice that in the second screen, "Individual" is pre-selected even though I selected "Daily Digest" for "Subscription Options".   And yes, I really did click Save!

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