Re: Why choose plain text over HTML email?

Glenn Glazer

I see that flexibility and tolerance are your bywords. Sure, you can do those things if those things seem right to you, but it seems wrong to assume that everyone has the same sensibilities that you do.



On 2/18/2020 05:28, gregory alan wrote:
In full agreement with security of utilizing plain text in emails. I also react to folks who require me to adapt to their favorite means of communication in order to interact with them online.

I also am going to start notifying my personal email contacts that I refuse to be in the "fwd:fwd:fwd" chain-gang. I will be automatically eliminating all such emails sent to me. After a second or third warning I have blocked individuals who never grasped utilizing all-caps is shouting. It is not my job to make up for other people's ignorance after a point.

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