Re: Group with new name but still old group's address #changing #groupname


On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 07:22 AM, Marina wrote:
Every time I attempt to change the group address to match the new title, after clicking on Update I am brought back to the Group Email Address space, which is highlighted in red as if there was some error.

The title I chose is made up of 5 characters with no spaces, pluses, periods, or underscores. Bruce's suggestion that it was already taken is a possibility, but it seems a bit unlikely to me as the title is in Italian.
Are you by any chance trying to use an accented character?  I haven't seen anything saying those wouldn't be allowed, but it's the only other explanation I can think of.  It makes sense that the group name couldn't have any character that can't be used in a web address.

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