Re: Why choose plain text over HTML email?

Glenn Glazer

On 2/16/2020 16:42, Laurence Marks wrote:
Shal wrote:
But at least pictures are generally recognized as worth a thousand words (grin, I couldn't resist that).
Glenn Glazer wrote:

LOL, an ASCII character is eight bytes and in the transcribing industry, a word is generally five characters, so the break even point is at 39.0625Mb. ;)

Around here an ASCII character is eight *bits* or 1 byte. A thousand 5-character words separated by spaces is 1000 * 6 equals 6000 bytes. You can do logos and simple line drawings in 6KB but not much else.

(Ignoring the fact that US-ASCII is only defined for 0-127 and sometimes has been represented with 7 bits, not 8.)


Oops, yes, off by a factor of eight.



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