Re: Why choose plain text over HTML email?

David Grimm

On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 04:32 PM, wrote:
WHY would you not want the HTML version of digest for at least THIS forum?
Back to the original question. So after reading this question, I decided to see what I might be missing by selecting Plain Digest. After changing to Full Featured Digest, I found out why I prefer the Plain Digest: I couldn't read the Full Featured Digest due mostly to lines scrolling off the visible page when using any of three different email clients, both Android and Windows based. Yes, I got fancy colors and different fonts, but I also had to go to a web-browser and go through each thread to see what I couldn't in the digest. Which defeats totally the purpose for which I get the digest by email. 

Yes, I probably could go in and hack in different settings for my email clients, but it is much easier as long as I have logged in here, to just change my subscription back to Plain Digest, thank you very much.


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