Re: Why choose plain text over HTML email?

Glenn Glazer

On 2/15/2020 21:42, D R Stinson wrote:
WHY would you not want the HTML version of digest for
at least THIS forum?  Is it longer, or ???.  Seems to me
like going to a play blindfolded or watching a color movie
in black and white.
The fact is, when you use HTML, you force the reader to use the size, color and font of what you've written. 

This statement is not true. Many HTML readers, including MUAs like Thunderbird which I use, have a setting which permits the reader to override the body style of the message.

One might also say that what you write should be clear enough to not need visual embellishment or obscuration. If you need to denote ranking of quoted text, the old 'greater than' symbol or indenting still works. The written language is a device that functions without regard to visual tricks. 
The inventions of text formatting such as italics and underlining long predate HTML and are used for technical language requirements (such as story and book titles), not "embellishment or obscuration [sic]". From a linguist perspective, these font formats are no different than other "visual tricks" like punctuation, line spacing and so on, none of which existing in early English.

I am glad there is a choice and those that wants one or the other can have what they want. But I also think choice is best when made as an informed decision.



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