Re: Allow members to HIDE, not delete their messages #settings


RA| In my opinion, it would be absurd
| for a user not to be able to delete
| their own messages.

JA| (...) if a poster publicly slanders
| someone and causes them harm, it should
| not be possible remove the evidence.
| Cyber-bullying is a major problem and
| one deterrent is the risk of legal
| action when the harm is extreme enough
| to warrant it. should
| not facilitate tampering with evidence.

It works exactly like that in any social
network (people can delete their own
messages at any time). There are other
ways to prove judicially that a post
existed before it was deleted.

Why would it have to be different with It is a person's right to
be able to delete their own messages
and you cannot presume that this is
criminally wrong.

[ ] Rubens


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