Allow members to HIDE, not delete their messages #settings

Jim Avera

On 2/13/20 5:59 AM, Rubens wrote:
     In my opinion, it would be absurd
     for a user not to be able to delete
     their own messages.
That is a valid point of view, but IMO not right in all circumstances. 
Members should be able to HIDE, not permanently delete their messages.  All posts should be somehow retrievable, at least via legal processes (perhaps only as a total archive dump).
For example, if a poster publicly slanders someone and causes them harm, it should not be possible remove the evidence.    Cyber-bullying is a major problem and one deterrent is the risk of legal action when the harm is extreme enough to warrant it. should not facilitate tampering with evidence.
Still, posters should be able to hide (not delete) messages.   Whether evil or innocent, messages should be removable from public view to stop spreading falsehoods or just to avoid embarrassment.

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