Re: Not getting any responses from one group #cal-reminder #notworking #owner #moderators

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 11:43 AM, Karen Ivy wrote:
My group, RockridgeNeighborhoodWatchNetwork, is not sending me any emails, although I am the owner and set it up.
Is this "no email" problem affecting everybody, or just you?

If the latter, click on Subscription on the left-side menu bar and make sure Email Delivery is set to "Individual Messages."

Today I realized by accident that I had a new member application to approve which was created Jan. 31!
Again, in Subscription, scroll down to the Notifications block, and be sure that "Email when there are members needing approval" is checked.

Also examine the other checkboxes and update as appropriate.

This is the group that also isn't posting calendar updates.  I only see posts if I've created them.  Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong??  I set it up to post calendar reminders and it doesn't. 
Check the online message archive. If the notifications are showing up there, the calendar is just aren't receiving them via email.

I set the group up and own it and I don't see requests for membership, in a moderated group.
It sounds like your group is Restricted. If so, check the Notifications block as mentioned above.

Moderation status has no effect on whether you receive these notifications. 

The settings look the same as for the group RockridgeNCPC,  which is working.
If all the group Settings are truly the same, then the problems lie in your own Subscription.

Hope this helps,

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