Re: Uploading to files section


I believe this may have been over looked as have seen subsequent messages on other topics responded so sending a memory jiggle.  As of this point, only owner/moderators seem to be able to post to our files section - each member should have this access.

Please advise and thank you,

Carolyn Henry

On 2/11/20 6:07 AM, cmhenry wrote:
I've searched the messages and can't find anything on what I believe is quite simple...hopefully.
The first of our members to try to post something in our file section cannot.  She does have the 3 buttons at the top of the screen (New Folder, Upload File and Upload Directory) but when hits upload file a red circle with a line through it appears.  She has no issue sending out a message to the group, just uploading files.
I'm obviously  missing something in the member set up - please direct me.
Thank you!!
Carolyn Henry

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