Re: What is 'canny'? #question

ANGUS and MORAY List Owner

'AWFY CANNY' does not imply timidity at all. Canny means cautious, careful, prudent, astute, skilful, frugal, sparing, thrifty, steady and so on. Ca' canny means 'go carefully' or 'slow down'; not quite the same as 'take it easy'. Someone who is awfy canny is very careful indeed, isn't about to be spend money unwisely or be scammed or fooled or cheated or taken for a ride.

If I wanted to describe someone in Scots as timid, I would never use the word canny. I might say timmerous.

(Born, brought up and lived all my life in Scotland, and just about avoided having the Scots leid educated out of me)

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