Re: Photos section hacked?


On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 08:39 AM, ray_r.rm wrote:
But there is no "By" shown when I click on the thumbnail to see the date and size
of the Photo in the compromised Album. The only way I can see who the owner of the
photo is, comes from clicking on EDIT.

The reason for the concern is only due to my desire to reduce the size of large photos
by contacting the owner and asking him to please reduce the size. Then I tell him how.
I could do it for him but then I am listed as the owner. I think it is courteous to preserve
the original owner's name.
If I remember right, there will be no name shown if the member has left the group and Ownership is shown as the same person for all of them.  Not much you can do with that.  I would consider that a bug that should be reported on the beta group.  I think either the original owner should be shown (preferred) or it should say unassigned.

If the person is still a member, you can do the resizing, then assign the photo to them from the Owner list.

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