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Glenn Glazer

Hear, hear!


P.S. A thing I like about Mark is that he recognizes that no software is perfect and gracefully accepts reasonable input on change.

On 2/9/2020 10:16, wrote:
I think some of us are playing “Devil’s Advocate” here for no reason.

Every group owner on had already made the decision that their group(s) is (are) worthy of preservation.  That’s why they didn’t just let them go down with Yahoo. 

Each migrated here with the hope that things would be “better” in the future.  To me that means “more stable” and with a future “more predictable”.  If can not or will not satisfy group OWNERS, at some point these will take their groups where they are appreciated.

It doesn’t MATTER whether a group is a “club”, “nonprofit”, has By-Laws, etc.  These are FORMS.  The “bottom line” for a group is its unique “established culture” and ultimate “FUNCTION”.  These are owner-originated and maintained parameters.   

The present “system” requiring co-owners for group survival imposes unnecessary and undesirable risk.  I wish to improve the odds of my group(s) survival should I unexpectedly die or become incapacitated.  Any responsible leader wants to do this.

So let’s stop the dogmatic “everything is fine, so let’s just do nothing” and consider reasonable alternatives. isn’t perfect, and Mark knows that.  He seems interested in making his organization all it can be and he needs our help to do that.  I’’m trying to help HIM do that.  

I don’t understand the entrenched and ongoing resistance here to acknowledging and effectively addressing a KNOWN STRUCTURAL PROBLEM, that of group continuity beyond the unexpected demise or incapacitation of the existing owner.  My groups have existed and operated over two decades, and have a rich history and record of significance.  

I have a duty as owner/manager to arrange as best possible for their continuation beyond my leadership without having to put that leadership at unnecessary risk.  Please don’t assume or pretend that’s not important.



On Feb 9, 2020, at 10:45 AM, Duane <txpigeon@...> wrote:

To be quite honest, I don't really care what happens to my groups when I'm gone - locked, deleted, or continued.  I've added a co-owner to them for my eventual demise (but I hope it's not any time soon - too many things left on my TODO list.)  If I become incapacitated, the co-owner could carry on.  If the co-owner should decide to kick me out, though I trust them, I'll start another group, similar to starting groups here when I left the ones on Yahoo after the neo fiasco.  I have all the important information backed up on my computer and could still make it available later.

There's one group where I'm secretary of a club.  Per our bylaws, the President and Vice President are also group owners.  They may initially need some assistance with things, but could still carry on.


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