weird behavior of the bouncing badge

Jonathan Sivier

I've noticed a strange behavior of the badge that marks list members as bouncing. I have a member who's email is bouncing. The badge next to their email address was blue for 15 days as expected and then turned red. Typically at this point I send them an email directly, just in case the problem is due to mail coming from and send a last attempt bounce probe. The email and bounce probe bounced, as I figured they would, but when I went back to the bouncing members list page to remove them the badge next to their address had turned back to blue. I thought perhaps I had made a mistake and it hadn't actually been red in the first place, so I left it alone with the intention of checking back later. When I checked later in the day, after 5 p.m. Central Time, which seems to be when the bounce handling takes place, the badge had returned to being red. Curious to see what would happen I sent another bounce probe, it bounced, and sure enough the badge turned blue again. This was yesterday. Today I checked again and the badge was still blue, until sometime after 5:00 when it turned red again. I again sent a bounce probe (which bounced) and the badge again turned back to blue.

Has anyone noticed this behavior before? I don't think it's a problem, just a little strange. I still intend to delete this member, but I'm curious to see what happens as time goes by. Will this behavior continue or will the system eventually decide that they are bouncing permanently and keep the badge red, even it I do send additional bounce probes.


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