Re: Absentee Owner Succession feature

Which idea?

Mine was to have the owner designate an "Acting Owner” to take any necessary action in any case of significant inaction by said owner.  It doesn’t mean that designated person necessarily become the successor…only that there is a path forward for the group to survive.  I do agree that no one should be so appointed without their informed consent. 

Let’s not overthink something intended to avoid every group’s present nightmare of eventual termination from the demise of a single individual.  No one is prescient, immortal or irreplaceable in basic function.  The “extra work” might be as simple to fire off an already prepared request for successor volunteer candidates and a prepared “poll” formatted such that the mere entry of names and posting would result in public popular election of a successor.




On Feb 8, 2020, at 6:02 PM, Paul Ohio USA via Groups.Io <pwberndt@...> wrote:

I also like this idea.

As noted, just appointing anyone without agreement doesn't fit.

Perhaps solicit the group for someone(s) who would like to be the new owner, check their activity and longevity. The downside is that support will be burdened with extra work which, most likely, be met with "OH NO!"

This is difficult and makes it more important that the current owner put together a list, with which they are comfortable & it should be periodically reviewed.

Back before the collapse of Yahoo Groups, there was an option to make a moderator, with all of the powers of the owner, EXCEPT, they could not delete/demote the owner or promote someone to owner. I was one of these and when the owner quit, I and two other people ran the group. I see that today, YG has no owners, only moderators with all of these powers.

Paul, Ohio, USA


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