Re: Question is this legit?



I'm concerned about this as well.  AND mainly our group's membership.

Sure, ANYONE can cut-n-paste a help file to 'show' they are from the AT, but without real legit evidence, I'm on-hold giving anything over to anyone without a proof of identity to an organization.  Too much spoofing and scamming around these days.  Our groups had 2793 members while on Yahoo.  I just can't hand over the email address so easily to a canned request that sort of looks legit, but may be a front.

Besides, not one single method I had tried connects to their IRC link.  I find that very odd.

Now, per the canned message, they will take the PGO archive too.  This on for certain had no exposed membership emails.  For most groups, PGO wasn't a choice they took back in Oct-Dec 2019.


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