Re: Anyone know how to access Yahoo Groups to delet my old groups or get my member list to move them over?

Haudy Kazemi

Leave the group open, set everyone to moderate all posts, and if someone tries to post, tell them you are not allowing more posting at the old group and they need to join the new group over at location X. Add a note to the group home page, and set the group web address to the web address of the new location. I've seen a few groups simply list the email address. That's not as easy to use as clicking a web link that takes you directly to where you can click Join (assuming you are already logged into

On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 12:24 AM D R Stinson <dano@...> wrote:
Do you really want to delete your group? If it remains there and is set to moderate all posts, it will serve as a way to catch people looking to join and let you redirect them to your new group.
Just a thought.

[Mod note: unfortunately Yahoo has (mostly) dismantled message moderation in Yahoo Groups.]

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