Re: Question is this legit?


FYI, I sent the Archive Team folks an e-mail about what they were or weren't offering. I haven't heard back. I'll post if I do - otherwise, assume not.
Paul (b&p)

On Sun, Feb 2, 2020 at 10:15 PM Haudy Kazemi <kaze0010@...> wrote:
I don't see a problem here beyond the overthinking it. Yahoo IS still accepting download requests from members. They only disabled web access. They have not disabled download requests. Joining a group doesn't give anyone special power, especially if the new member is set to 'moderate all posts'.
Has anyone actually gone over to and asked them in their chat about any concerns? That'd be a lot better than just assuming 'something is up'. Afterall, if you don't save your data, and ArchiveTeam does not save the data, it will be lost forever when Yahoo actually cuts things off.

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