Using “reply to” “group and sender” with subgroups - avoid duplicates? #reply-to-group #settings

Joe B


I have setup a group for my scout troop and we are gradually using it more often than direct emails. The main group is for everyone, but we have subgroups such as for the Leaders. The Leaders subgroup is setup so parent members can post to it, but not view the messages. For this reason, I have the “reply to” setting as “group and sender” so if a parent member makes a post they will get replies. 

However, a downside of this is when group members make a post, they get two replies back, one from the group and one direct to their email. Is there a way to have replies sent to the group AND to the sender, but the sender copy is only sent if they are NOT a member of the group? Or have I misunderstood the settings and there is another change I need to make?


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