Wiki image library Add New vs image Add By URL comparison #wiki #images #wikiimages

Christos G. Psarras

Hi folks,

Here's a curiosity question.  Back when our groups' move was done and I wanted to create several common how-to wikis (some with images) for all 6 of the groups I admin, since I found out I could reveal through the Advanced editing toolbar the wiki page HTML source code, and manipulate it using just a text editor, I figured I'll treat the task as creating HTML template pages, create one comprehensive set for one group, then do a text and replace of the common parts that change (like URLs, group names, emails, etc) plus any small custom changes per group (like function and group-specific rules or delete not applicable sections), and paste it into the source code window of the new group's same wiki doc.  When it was time to insert the images, I tried first the Add New image library method and found out it results in the images losing their original name and been renamed to auto-generated sequential numbers after upload.  I noticed that those numbers could be predicted or figured out (because this method uses an internal wiki image running counter), but it would result in as many img src= search and replace ops as total source images, for every doc with images, for every remaining group, not to mention for future updating of the docs in case I ever wanted to replace the full page, I'd have to go through the same amount of extra work.  So I chose the Add By URL method instead which leaves the filename intact and would require only one img src= search and replace op per doc per group, and I uploaded the source images on a same-named subfolder of FILES for each group.

Now that I know more about how GIO works, I can see that the URL method I used would result in broken images if we ever made our Wiki public, but I highly doubt we will ever do as all those groups are private.  So I figured I'll just leave things well enough alone, but was still curious; space-wise they are the same, upload time-wise the same pretty-much, besides the above issue, as to any other possible advantages and disadvantages of each image insertion method. 


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