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Yes, How to send messages to members as if coming from the Owner or
That part is easily done from the New Topic function.

As you've heard, what isn't so easy is to have replies go somewhere other than where your group's Reply To option says they should. You could suggest in beta that the New Topic page have a second checkbox "Replies to +owner" that you could use in conjunction with the Special Notice checkbox.

I need to learn and know how to send such messages to All Members,
eg All Mail, Digests, Special. and no Email .
There's an old saying in the Yahoo Group moderator circles: "No Email" means "No Email". For whatever reason that member does NOT want the group to send messages to their address. Not even the messages you think are so important.

In some cases this is because the member made a silly choice, such as using a work email address in a group with NSFW postings. Other times the reasons are more legit, but not imagined by the group owner.

So for this reason it has been made relatively difficult to get around No Email with a message to all members.

Assuming there are relatively few No Email members, one way to get around it is to send a Special Notice, and then separately send a message from your email service with all of the No Email addresses Bcc'd. Or as many of them at a time as you're allowed to include in a single message (about 200 last time I did this with Gmail). With some email services you can even set it up so that your post comes "From" the group's posting address (a legit spoof).

Or, the same thing, but using checkmarks on the No Email members in your group's Members list, and the Send Message action. If you sort the Members list by the Delivery column you can dramatically reduce the number of pages full of checkmarks this way. As I recall this may have the flaw that your own Display Name is sent in the From field, even when you select the +owner address. But you could temporarily change your Display Name before doing this.

To my mind it would be good to be able to set both No Email ON and
Special Notices ON.
The only difference between them is that members opting for Special Notices receive those New Topics that you so designate. So what would having them both on mean that would be different?

Hmm, that is interesting, and I don't understand; the Return Path goes
to a bounce facility ...
That's how tracks rejected messages. That address is solely for the use of the rejecting service, it is not (normally) shown to the recipient (except in View Source or Show Original or equivalent) nor is it available as a user reply address.

And there is no Reply to:
Well that's interesting. I believe that means that the group's Reply To setting is "Sender". A setting that generally means that the Reply-To header field is not needed to direct replies back to the group (or whatever).


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