Re: How to send GroupOwner+ messages #groupowner #howto

Michael Pavan

On Jan 10, 2020, at 1:11 PM, Frances <> wrote:

You can also send a "note to member" with just the group owner email address. Your personal login email address will not show.

Go to Members. Select the member.
Go to +Owner Messages button.
Click Reply.
If Note To Member doesn't come up, change to that from the dropdown list.
BCC yourself or all mods.
The message will only have the group owner email address.
This should actually say:

Go to Members. Select the member.
Click on "Send Message" button (at bottom of page)
Select "From:" address (drop down menu) either Owner or personal (this is the only address that will be used)
Fill in Subject
Compose message body
Change "--Notices--" (in drop down menu) to other Member Message (e.g. "Pending Subscription" Member Notice)
THEN choose whether or not to check BCC: "Me" and/or "All Moderators"
Click "Send to Member"
NOTE: the message sent will have your group's Message Footer appended.

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