Re: What are the issues we may face with Direct Adding members? #direct


Until you mentioned job hunting, I thought the group was for coffee lovers of Starbucks. :)

Otherwise, Our group is 2,783 membership coming over from GeoCities to Yahoo to GroupsIO. 

Since the move, 91 have signed up.  That's not even a full 5% of the old membership.  Thus, this topic has my interest greatly.   Many of our group's folks are mechanics and not computer savvy.  Sure, they can read emails on their smarty phones and reply, but put them in front of a computer and they become lost.

Before the move from Yahoo to GroupsIO, folks asked if the membership needs to just be 'switched' without doing anything on their part.  Without funds, it wasn't possible to do this.

Hoping to hear how this goes.  I wouldn't mind entering a few dozen to a few hundred in batches.


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