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On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 07:26 AM, Tony Moody wrote:
I'm wanting to send messages to a group, From: the Owner,  implications of which are that replies etc will go to Owner+  and not to my own membership email address.
What is the recommended method?

I have sent a Special Notice  to All and set the From: GroupOwner+ 
But there are problems.
The messages I received are From : me,  Reply to : me , Arrg!
There seems no log or record Delivery of the Special Message ( wanted to check the delivery details, who from, who to. )
- You can change your display name to Owner if you wish.

- You can send a message to an individual member:
From the wiki:
Note to Member / Member Notices
You can also send a "note to member" with just the group owner email address. Your personal login email address will not show.
Go to Members. Select the member.
Go to +Owner Messages button.
Click Reply.
If Note To Member doesn't come up, change to that from the dropdown list.
BCC yourself or all mods.
The message will only have the group owner email address.

- You could also create a new email address that hides your identity and post with that. (Create a second account.) Be careful that you don't delete the owner email address.

- Be sure that email addresses are hidden in the message archive.
See other settings -

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