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Ann Wild

On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 10:53 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
I'm a little confused. Firstly as to how you know what the From line showed, as received by the pending member?

As others have said, that kind of manipulation of one's From address happens only when sends the message. It would happen, for example, if you used the group's Send Message feature on the pending member.

Your own email interface wouldn't do that. So if that's what you were using I think you must be seeing something other than the From as it would have been received by that pending member.

Maybe if I delete that address from my Contacts, it might help.
That would normally only cause a confusion with the Display Name part of a received message, not the From of a sent message.
It just happened again.  I sent a message via my private email in reply to to a pending member and cc'd the owner address.  In that cc, the From line was, as I explained, my email name = xxx . com @  The other way I see the From line is if a member replies to my private email send.

My guess now is that if I am sending a message via my private email to someone who is a pending member, then puts the offending address in the From line.  How they do it, I don't know since I am NOT sending the email through

I just deleted the address from my contacts list.  I totally understand that if I send a message through, that address will appear.  But it should not in messages from my private email.

I truly don't mean to be a pest, but I find this annoying---and unworkable for those who want to reply to me.

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