Re: Group settings #settings

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 12:57 PM, AbdulHaqq McMurtry wrote:
You said that options for email receipt can be set independently on the subgroups versus main. 
Yes, on a per subscriber basis.

Did you mean that the subscriber/member can do that or that the moderator can do that or that the owner could do that.
All of the above.

An Owner (or Moderator with the "Set Member Subscription Options" permission) can open anyone's member record (Admin>Members) and change message delivery by clicking the appropriate box in the "Email Delivery" block. If you are a Moderator and can't do this, it's because you haven't been given that permission.

Any subscriber can set their own email delivery preference by clicking on Subscription on the left-side menu bar, or by sending one of the email commands listed on the home page (, etc).

There is no way to keep Subscribers from doing this, so there is no way to enforce a particular message delivery groupwide.


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