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JD Erskine

On 2019.12.13 2257, isis feral via Groups.Io wrote:
Yahoo sure seems to want to make it difficult for people to archive
their groups.

I finally managed to get Mark Fletcher's Chrome application to work, and
downloaded a lot of messages, but that one doesn't include any
attachments. It does appear to get most of the messages though, unlike
the Yahoo data. I downloaded 500 at a time, and it timed out after about
10,000 for a couple of hours, and then let me download the rest. It's a
bunch of text files, which I presume I can use as MBOX files, but I've
not tried yet. The downloads were quite fast, even on my slower DSL
connection. That's at this link again:
Great. I didn't see the messages, or mess with the files, you mentioned in your previous post. I saw the counter run, the application msg present itself. The most difficult bit was remembering to Save the download each time. I kept a text file to record what I did and that helped a lot.

I never managed to log in through PG Offline. I'm reinstalling it to try
one last time if I can make it work. I hope I can use it as a reader,
and get files from others who downloaded some of my groups. I should
have downloaded it months ago. It's a wonderful program, but who
anticipated that Yahoo would implode like this.
I would heartily say, the members would seem to be, at the base of things, the greatest resource. It was key to get beyond any 1000 item limit.

Chrome Application to Download Members Application to Download Members

I found PGO to work, for me, (trial version) with Files (which I also had from the Y! bundle/download) and to grab photos in batches of 20.

While it worked on one account, with another there were failure notes and a suggestion I might have double authentication turned on with Y! I looked, didn't see this and have to consider energy spent against value of the data.

I also tried this downloader, which claims to download everything like
PGO, but after getting two techies involved I still just get 'API query
failed' for files and photos, but when it got to topics it downloaded a
whole bunch of pornographic spam messages (!), and no legitimate posts
from my groups. Others seem to have had better luck:
I considered that, as it would appear to garner one attachments, however I'd not had enough time to learn about Python it seemed, and had to do what I could. It feels sub-optimal however some folks are grateful.

I suspect I'll be spending my Saturday manually downloading files and
photos and any attachments I can get my hands on.

Thanks for all the help and commiseration on this list!

Same for me. Good luck to all.


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