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JD Erskine

On 2019.12.12 2217, isis feral via Groups.Io wrote:
I played around with it some more, and it's becoming clear now that the
Yahoo data is NOT COMPLETE. I looked up some of the attachments in the
archives, and at first thought that the missing attachments in the MBOX
files were also missing from the archives, but I found some attachments
in the archives that were just as inaccessible in Thunderbird as the
ones not in the archives.

But worse, once I could see the total number of messages displayed, I
noticed that there are only about 4,000 of 11,000 messages in one of my
groups, and it looks like it's similar with the other groups. Then I
noticed that entire stretches of time were missing from the files. I
have files up to December 2017, but the next batch doesn't start until
August 2019. There are also all sorts of bizarre posts with weird dates,
just showing up at the beginning of some of the folders, so I have posts
that look like they're from 1998 or 1969, when there was no such group,
just inserted with current posts. Some of those weird posts are blank,
others are legitimate posts, some seem to be partial posts, and they
have no subject line, and have weird sender names.

Another demonstration of Yahoo's reliability....or lack thereof. Once I
got everything of mine off that system that I still can, I'm going to be
happy to walk away, and I'll never look back.


In the interest of completeness I've been acquiring data in any form I can from Yahoo! Groups.

The Y!G bundles, and other apps.

PGO (for Photos, I'm a group Owner so can do that, download photos.)

Also two Chrome Browser Applications (not an extensions.)

These have been used quite successfully in Vivaldi Browser (it too is Chromimum based.) The Applications wouldn't display a button as in the description/instructions so I brought them out/made visible by entering vivaldi://apps in the address bar. I then saved that on my Speed Dial page, though a Bookmark would work as well.

The one was able to grab a multi-column list of _all_ the members (no 1000 limit). Done.

Chrome Application to Download Members Application to Download Members

The other was to download messages.

Chrome Application To Download Messages Application To Download Messages

I took it a bit at a time, balancing a concern for the deadline and the block by Yahoo! if one tries to gobble too much at a go. Blocks of 200 to 500 to start. Being on the west coast of NA I noticed that when most folks east of me settled down for the evening I could get more done, quicker. I was able to download 1000 msgs at a time. Looking in to the saved text files of these they appeared fairly complete. I've not had time or further inclination yet to check them.

One reason I chose this belt and braces (suspenders if you prefer) approach was this application downloads the Yahoo! Group message number with the messages.

One should be able to build a number of different things from these files. I have noticed that messages that are deleted still seem to present a number, however may not appear as messages to us. This might be part of some of the differences between the total number or messages passed and what one can find. Not sure.

Cheers, John

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