Re: Dreaded REPLY TO request for understanding



I was hoping for an elegant means of allowing message recipients to
reply to whom they wanted, fairly clearly (in a revealing way --
seeing who the addies are), and definitely easily. This whether from
the web interface, ...
In the web interface the default Reply To is set by the group. This is reflected in the button (under the message composition box) saying Reply to Group, Reply to Sender, Reply to Mods, or Reply to Group & Sender. By design, the web interface does not reveal the email address of the original poster when replying to Sender or Group & Sender.

If the group doesn't check the "Remove Other Reply Options" box then the user can toggle between reply destinations using the silver buttons to the right of the Reply and Discard buttons.

webmail or an [MUA] (mail client.) attempts to influence the behavior of the user's email interface (MUA) by inserting a Reply-To header field matching the intent of the group's setting. However, not all email interfaces respect that header field, and among those that do they have a variety of responses. Alas.

I've seen seemingly unpredictable responses, with up to three choices,
and _no_ choices! ... Thunderbird ...
When testing Reply to List functionality I followed advice to use the configuration editor to change the default behavior:

In my opinion Thunderbird's default behavior is broken, but the developers obstinately assert that the world is wrong, not them.

As Duane mentioned, briefly included the List-Reply header field, but it caused too much trouble with too many users' interfaces.


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