Re: yG Privacy Dashboard download #yahooprivacydashboard #ioimportpl

isis feral

I'm just getting back to this again now, trying to figure out what's actually there in those massive files from Yahoo. I was able to get the MBOX files to display in Thunderbird, but none of the attachments are functional. They don't have any extensions. I've tried to open some that I know are PDF, but my reader wouldn't open them. I even downloaded one and changed the extension to PDF, but that didn't work either. The Yahoo data came with a folder of attachments, but they don't seem to be connected to the posts, and the attachments I tried are not included. All the attachments Thunderbird shows are called 'Part 1.2'. Is there something I'm missing? Has anyone figured out how to open message attachments in the Yahoo data files?

Yahoo sent out something a few days ago, warning of the imminent shutdown of the archives, in which they said if I request my data, they will delay the shutdown of those archives until they finish sending me the data. So it seems like requesting data again, even if we have it already might give us a little more time to maneuver. I also heard a rumor that the shutdown of the archives might be postponed until the end of the month or even the end of January, but I see no official notice to that effect. Has anyone else heard anything about that? I sure could use another couple of weeks to download all my data myself, but getting PG Offline at the last minute, if I don't know if there'll be anything left to download come Saturday, doesn't make much sense to me.


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