Re: yG Privacy Dashboard download #yahooprivacydashboard #ioimportpl


On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 10:42 PM, <andyt650@...> wrote:

how your Perl script handles the "ownership" of each post. When your script is
finished uploading, will the "By XXXXX" in each post  list  the original 
email address of the Yahoo member who posted the message?
Yes if that member is currently subscribed to the .io group (present in memberlist.csv) and neither moderated nor bouncing.

Or will it be ME in
the "By"  (I'm running the script)?
You subscribe a separate mailbox for this purpose (for messages from members not currently subscribed).

when your Perl program parses and makes substitutions from 
memberlist.csv, needchange.txt, and map.txt , these will not affect "BY XXXX"
in each post  correct? These changes will only affect the FROM: in the meat
of the post which is on the first line of the post?
If a member is in map.txt then the new address will be in "By".


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