Re: yG Privacy Dashboard download #yahooprivacydashboard #ioimportpl

Andy T

Hi Lena,
I am not a programmer and so I was wondering if you can help me clarify how your Perl script handles the "ownership" of each post. When your script is finished uploading, will the "By XXXXX" in each post  list  the original  email address of the Yahoo member who posted the message? Or will it be ME in the "By"  (I'm running the script)?

Also, when your Perl program parses and makes substitutions from  memberlist.csv, needchange.txt, and map.txt , these will not affect "BY XXXX" in each post  correct? These changes will only affect the FROM: in the meat of the post which is on the first line of the post?

I am one of the unfortunate people not given administrator rights to my  Yahoo group until after Dec 1.  I have downloaded my Yahoo archive through their free service and it is all intact and I was able to confirm the content via Thunderbird. I am also planning to upgrade to Premium so that I can populate the members manually. I am trying to understand how the message will look like after I run your program.  I would like to know if "BY XXXXX" will reflect the original poster, and whether the original FROM will be shown in the meat of the post but altered by your script. Appreciate any assistance you can to clarify for me.



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