Re: mbox upload - dates are missing #mbox #ioimportpl

Andrea <elmourabita@...>

Dear Lena,

thanks so much for your work!

Most times your new implementation works, we worked with it in the
meantime. But for a reason we do not understand this does not always
work, but only in about 50% of the messages. No systematic reason is
understood by us.

And then - we have a problem with "bounced" Subjects, even if they are
"no mail"-subjects. In this cases following happens:
Programm log says: "after sending message xxx: 500 ... is bouncing..."
and then the whole programm stops.

Is there any workarround for us that you can advice? We thought about
deleting all bounced subjects, but this is not exactly what we would
like to do...

Many greetings and again thanks for your great job with this programm,


Am 07.12.19 um 00:18 schrieb Lena:

On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 09:43 PM, Andrea wrote:

Dear Lena,

we used your programm to read in the old mails delivered by the download
of the dashboard. The original dates are entered in message source (of
mbox) but are not delivered into the new groups mail archive but as
sent-date you get the upload date (of today, for instances). Now we have
the question if there is any possibility to enter the date of the
original mail into the uploaded old mails?
My program transmits original Date, but ignores it. I added an option (turned on by default) to insert original Date into beginning of message body.

I also fixed a bug (a deleted message caused next messages in a mbox file to be skipped).


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