Re: Yahoo's data download from Yahoo Privacy Dashboard #yahooprivacydashboard



I didn't see any system requirements for PG Offline.  I run Mac OS X (El Capitan), so will it work on a Mac?

Only under a Windows emulator.

Shal:  Does that Yahoo data download include all groups I'm a *moderator* on, or only groups that I'm an *owner.*?

All groups of which you are even a member with web access.

It is tied to each specific Yahoo account sign-in. And it may need to be a true Yahoo sign-in (ID with no domain, or ID with the domain -- no sign-ins with other email addresses).

So if you have group memberships that are "email only" (no web access) you'll want to connect those memberships to a Yahoo account. Also, if you have more than one Yahoo account that you've used with different sets of groups you'll want to use that function in each such account.


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