Re: Email addresses with/without dots

T Golding

Chris, I'm only reading mods at the moment too, which is not a denigration of anyone elses' knowledge or ability, and I don't think Sandi meant her comments in any derogatory way.  Those of us who come from yahoo gmf have relied on Shal's extensive knowledge of yahoo's glitches and work arounds for years, since neo actually, we've learned to depend on him and trust his knowledge.  Experience counts, and his is the longest and most in depth of anyone's, at least since i've been around.  Mods here are excellent, I take nothing away from any of you, and some members here have extensive experience on .io, everything helps.
Like Sandi, I'm more dependent on the guidance of "experts," it make sense to me.  I know we all appreciate all the input we can get, and the experiences and difficulties of others to learn what to do and what not to do.  You all have "kicked the tires" so for me, are the most helpful in learning the new platform.


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