Re: Detailed Instructions on How to Conduct a Yahoo Transfer

Peter Walker

I have just gone through the transfer process and received the email about 24 hours ago that the transfer was complete.

However, 831 members are listed in the email as not being added due to a "Database" error. I spent the whole day preparing and applying for a Direct Add of those missing members - most annoying. But at least that was something I could fix myself. I then compared the message history between my Yahoogroup and and there were 394 missing messages, especially for the year 2007 but also other years to a lesser extent. Using PG Offline, i counted the messages actually there in the missing months and can confirm the numbers given in the YahooGroups Message History were accurate, yet in there were months where there were up to 81 messages missing in that I could confirm existed in the original YahooGroup and in my archive in PG Offline. 

Does it makes sense to start the transfer process again, just for messages. Would this help filling in the gaps?


Peter Walker

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